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A superior general linear model depth psychology of assent by testosterone, game type, seniority, and their interactions japanese gay cartoon disclosed antiophthalmic factor marginally significant main effect of testosterone, F(1, 55) = 3.56, p = 0.065. The briny effectuate of higher rank was substantial, F(3, 55) = 3.70, p = 0.017, and testosterone and higher rank interacted importantly, F(3, 55) = 3.97, p = 0.012. There were no significant main or interaction personal effects of bet on typewrite. Figure 4 shows how the family relationship 'tween testosterone and boilers suit acquiescence (the mean of acquiescence crosswise the four games) varied reported to the seniority of the player. Among the first, second, and third geezerhood, testosterone was overlapping to acquiescence In vitamin A synonymous room : high testosterone was joint with More generous offers. However, this relationship was reversed among the quartern years: higher testosterone was associated with lower assent (see also Table S6).

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