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Mai Shiranui has drawn comparisons to the combat -stake genre's other early on female person ikon, Street Fighter 's Chun-Li, with whom gay brazil she shared the "Top Girls" entry indium a 1994 ranking of scrap games by A Spanish powder magazine Hobby Consolas. UGO Networks explicit Mai the "Chun-Li of the SNK universe", and Ed Laurence of Sinclair User wrote indium 1993 that she was able to "out-Chun Li Chun Li." Previewing Capcom vs. SNK 2, GameSpot's Justin Speer wrote almost its "beautiful and mighty females such as Chun-Li and Mai," and Rich Knight of Complex pitted the characters against each other atomic number 49 his 2011 "battle of the beauties" feature, stating: "Breasts Oregon legs? Personally, we'll undergo 'em some." In ScrewAttack's "Death Battle!" serial the same twelvemonth, Mai, dubbed "the tabby of fighters", discomfited Chun-Li due to her greater nimbleness and superior ranged assault abilities. Mai Shiranui is likewise popular in Korea, where she received 62% of votes to Chun-Li's 19% atomic number 49 vitamin A 2009 South Korean online poll held along White Day, in which fans voted for their "most wanted" female person fight -game character. According to Crunchyroll's Nate Ming in 2016, Mai has continuing to represent "SNK, Fatal Fury, and KoF In the Saame way that Chun-lithium [represents] Street Fighter." That Saami yr, Aleksander Borszowski of Polish magazine CD-Action described Mai As the "second dame" of 2D combat behind Chun-Li. Joystiq's Richard Mitchell expressed : "There is I thing Street Fighter wish never have, and that's Mai."

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